Saturday, 24 November, will mark the anniversary of the Ukrainian Holodomor, or the famine, of 1932–33, and it will be the day that Ukrainians around the world will remember the victims of the Ukrainian genocide of that era. This was the most extensive and heinous crime the totalitarian Soviet regime perpetrated against Ukrainians and the Ukrainian nation. An attempt to subdue the nation 80 years ago destroyed its national spirit. Soviet authorities brutally eliminated millions of innocent Ukrainians, causing irreparable harm to the social fabric of the country and its society, spiritual culture and ethnic identity.

In commemoration of the 80th official anniversary of the Holodomor of 1932–33 the Congress and the Ukrainian diaspora around the world will remember this tragic historical event and mark the anniversary on this Saturday with memorial services, community vigils and other commemorative events:

remember the victims by pausing for a moment of silence at 16:00 local time,

light candles of remembrance in homes,

participate in local commemorations and memorial services.

May the memory of the victims of the “Holodomor” genocide be eternal.

Ukraine remembers – the World acknowledges!

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